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The Gyrotonic Expansion system is an experience of dance,swimming,Tai Chi, Gymnastics & Yoga that causes your mind, body & breath to ripple with energy. Juliu Horvath an ex dancer invented the system in the 1980's and continues to develop it to this day.


Gyrotonic exercise is weight assisted and uses three-dimensional movements, and is unique in comparison to other conventional ways of exercising. The exercises incorporate breathing techniques, which are synchronized with the symmetrical sequences encouraging co ordination, balancing the muscles equally and increasing the range of movement. Focusing on creating strong core stability the movements mobilize the spine by performing smooth rhythmical, spiralling and rotational exercises.

The movements are low impact and therefore causing no undue stress on the body.


Gyrotonic exercises can help rebuild the kinetic chain where dysfunctional movement patterns may have developed through injury or even just the physical demands of every day living. Correcting muscular imbalance, strengthening the core, whilst increasing the body’s proprioception and flexibility.


The exercises can be gentle or vigorous, as each session is specifically designed on an individual basis. Absolutely anyone can experience Gyrotonic from the young to the elderly, there are no limits to who can gain from exercising with Gyrotonic.




How will GYROTONIC exercise make you feel?


After exercising on the Gyrotonic Expansion System you will experience the sensation of feeling taller and be aware of a stronger connection with the floor. The Gyrotonic technique leaves you feeling empowered from the strength you gain muscularly as well as achieving more mobility from the stretching element that this method offers.


A session of Gyrotonic will leave you with a sense of well being and an abundance of energy. You will achieve a stronger physical awareness and gain a deeper understanding of your body.


It will reduce tension in the muscles and relax the mind.




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