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Quotes on Gyrotonic:


I was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis (degeneration of discs 3 + 4) last year. By the time I had pain killing injections into my spine, I was in so much pain that my posture had changed and some of my muscles were not functioning properly or not at all. I had trouble bending from the waist and in particular bending and twisting as well as bending and lifting. My muscles would go into spasm after sitting even just for a few minutes and when getting out of bed in the morning, creating a limp until I had moved around a bit, had a hot shower or used a heat pad. Rehabilitation with my physio re-built and toned my muscles, but I was still having great problems with the mobility in my waist area which swelled considerably every time I made a wrong move.


Having seen Lisa’s advert I contacted her and she advised me to try out her ‘one to one’ Gyrotonic exercise programme. After the first session I felt warmth deep inside my problem area and a ‘free’ feeling I had not experienced for years. In addition much fluid and air was released from my waist area resulting in losing an inch and 2 pounds in weight! Now after only 6 sessions I can move so much more freely, I have not had any sciatica in my left leg for 3 weeks and I my muscles do not go into spasm after sitting or sleeping! I do not limp any more and my posture has changed dramatically. Now I can also feel immediately when I am moving wrongly, forget to pull in my stomach muscles or pull up my shoulders. There is still much work to be done having done things wrongly for almost 15 years, but I feel for the very first time in a long while, that I am in control of my body again, thanks to Gyrotonic and to Lisa.


Sigrid Vickery- Bath

I suffered a couple of  accidents in my teens when a camping site caught  fire and my legs suffered 1st, 2nd and third degree burns, which meant that my ligaments were exposed  with risks of septicaemia and gangrene altogether.

Later on, due to a very fast growth, my dorsal spine was not sufficiently supported by strong muscles. I started to suffer a hernia at the age of 20!


Later on I had a hernia operation which left me with bad use of my left leg too!


Lisa started to work on me last September 2007, so far I have had 12 sessions with a break during Christmas holidays.

 I knew that the body had to re-adjust to a new scheme of movement and therefore the bones and the nerves were put under a minimum stress of “new confidence”!  The last session before Christmas was a gift of fitness I had never experienced before. I chose to stay out and watch my body behaviour before going back to work.


In my particular situation I have to collaborate with Lisa as close as I can but I can guarantee that the results have not been fast but spectacular at the length

I have to say that Gyrotonic is worth every minute and every penny if carried out with authority.

Please understand that miracles happen at the right time with positive energy and will!

Ernesto Pescini -Chepstow


I am so happy to have discovered Gyrotonic, having spent many years doing Tai Chi, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Osteopathy, & Pilates I now find Gyrotonic is the only system I need to follow.  It provides such a well-rounded approach to the body and I’ve been amazed at the rate of improvement in such a short amount of time.  I feel stronger, taller and more able to move smoothly and confidently through life (which is quite something being 9 months pregnant right now).  I found that my core-stability and posture improved literally from the very first session and since then various weaknesses as well as areas of immobility have been resolved week on week.  Working one to one with a teacher as experienced as Lisa means that sessions are always productive and fun.  Gyrotonic is a fantastic combination of accuracy in movement, the machinery enables you to find exactly the right muscles, and the graceful nature of the movements together creates a feeling of space, strength and connection throughout the body, physical and mental.  It’s a fantastic tonic all round and I feel one of the best ways to encourage long term health.

Francis Travis - Cheptstow


I believe that Gyrotonic could help many of patients resolve their long-term muscular skeletal problems. Not only does it encourage movement of all joints, in all directions but it also allows that tissues of the body to lengthen and strengthen at the same time.


Susie Lecomber

Registered Osteopath - Bath


I find that  when I have a Gyrotonic lesson I experience my body being made stronger and more flexible and balanced,. The fluidity of the movements are energising and attractive. It is a healing form of exercise.

Phillipa Vick - Bath


"Having had back problems for nearly 30 years, I found that manipulation, such as chiropractic treatment, helped to put things more or less back into order over time.  However, the muscles, which had got used to the imbalance due to injury, had a tendency to pull things out of alignment again and again, especially at times of stress and tension.
So over the years the realisation was beginning to dawn on me that I needed (and wanted) to do something more to help my back in the form of rehabilitation.  Fortunately, my last chiropractor told me about Gyrotonic and very much encourage me to try it.

Since I started doing Gyrotonic I have found that my back is not only more mobile, but can cope with far more things than before.  I have only recently gone through the upheaval of moving house, as well as doing refurbishment, and in the past that would have had me in serious difficulties, but this time I have managed far better, despite being 10 years older than the last time. There is hope yet!"

Bettina Millar - Bath


“Gyrotonic exercises have helped me considerably throughout my dancing career .After suffering from a back injury ,it rebalanced the muscles in my body increasing my strength, co-ordination  and all over ability. It has helped me advance my career. I would recommend this way of exercising to anyone, As the improvements in your physical well being are incredible”

Principle Ballerina of Scottish Ballet

Claire Robertson


“The Gyrotonic exercise has inestimable value in keeping the alignment and balance of the body at an appropriately high level. It not only helps with posture but also increases movement abilities. The injury count has dramatically reduced, which in a company like Scottish ballet with only 36 dancers is incredibly important”

 Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet Ashley Page


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